Meditation & Health #17-Stepping Into a New Self


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Stepping Into a New Self

        To continue to move forth on the path of life, one must let go of the past, one must release the burdens that wounding events have placed upon the heart. Each moment is born anew, and with it, so too can the heart be born afresh.

         In this issue, Grandmaster JinBodhi’s wise words offer guidance on the power of meditation to grant new life, and on the importance of gratitude in all relationships, to inspire a fearlessly broadminded and openhearted approach to living.

        Our relationships include our bond with the planet, which desperately needs humanity’s compassion. Our feature articles traverse the Earth, from exploring the worldwide disappearance of Mother Nature’s majestic glaciers and the endangerment of sharks to the magnificence of China’s painterly Zhangye Danxia landforms. The health of the planet is inextricably connected with the health of every human being. Spare some time to think about thyroid wellness, the dangers posed by electromagnetic radiation, and career enhancement through meditation’s remarkable power to quell workplace anxiety.

        May we unburden the heart and step into a new self of fresh possibility, for ourselves and for the collective good.

                                                                                                                               Caral Goh

                                                                                                                             Chief Editor



Meditation & Health No 17 - Table of Contents