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Energy Bagua Around the World

             By Caral Goh

             In recent years, Bodhi Meditation’s Energy Bagua, a walking meditation,has been creating a wave of interest in many parts of the world.

             In 2016, Bodhi Meditation Centers in the United States, Canada,Hong Kong, Malaysia, and South Korea organized a host of activities,attracting many enthusiasts who experienced the powerful energy of the Universe and harvested good health and happiness.



Walking Into Metro Vancouver


          In order to make it possible for greater numbers of community members to learn meditation, Vancouver Bodhi Meditation Center has set up several Energy Bagua practice locations. Since January 2016, practitioners can go to Renfrew Community Center, Kitsilano Community Center, Richmond City Center, Hamilton Community Center, and the White Rock Community Center for a weekly free session of Energy Bagua. The hour-long practice is followed by a half hour of The Meditation of Purity. The combination of the dynamic walking meditation and the static sitting meditation provides students with unprecedented ease and vitality, so they emerge like a fully charged battery.

           Within a year, these five community centers held 21 Energy Bagua courses. Having a variety of practice locations has made it convenient for many people from all walks of life to participate. Grateful beneficiaries have gradually joined the volunteer team, helping to lead new students. Through word of mouth, Energy Bagua has become a common practice in many parts of Metro Vancouver.



Hong Kong’s Energy Bagua Healthy Day


         The Bodhi Meditation Centers in Hong Kong held an “Energy Bagua Healthy Day” in Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Center on September 18th. Busy urbanites had the opportunity to feel refreshed through a host of health-focused activities.

         The head of Hong Kong Bodhi Meditation Centers explained to the guests that the main causes of ill-health are energy blockages, energy imbalance, and lack of energy.

         Energy Bagua complements the body in the most efficient and effective way, and balances the relationship between energy and health.

         After demonstrations by teachers, guests were able to try the relaxed feel of Energy Bagua for themselves. Enthusiasm quickly spread, and was further enhanced by several experienced practitioners who shared their positive experiences of this simple yet wondrous meditation.  


Los Angeles’ Eastern Way to Health


        In a cultural event on September 24th, Los Angeles Bodhi Meditation Center introduced the crowd to Energy Bagua, an Eastern way of achieving wellness by balancing mind and body.

        Set to soft, calming meditative music, each slow and steady step exhibited the bliss of walking meditation.

        The enjoyment of peace was displayed on the faces of the participants. Many curious onlookers were drawn to join in. The energy could be felt in the air, blessing everyone with auspiciousness.



Korea’s In Harmony With the Trees


           Busan Bodhi Meditation Center held its sixth “In Harmony With the Trees” event at Busan Exhibition and Convention Center. It attracted a large number of Energy Bagua devotees. South Korea’s BBS television and Korean Buddhist television station BTV provided media coverage of the event.

           Inspired after watching Grandmaster JinBodhi’s teaching on Energy Bagua, the audience experienced a profound connection with the trees through practice.

           The invisible energy that flowed between trees and practitioners filled people with vitality. Many guests signed up for the Energy Bagua course to further experience the special energy.  


Malaysia’s Thousands-People Energy Bagua


             For the fifth consecutive year, Malaysia Bodhi Meditation Centers held a “Thousands-People Energy Bagua” at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang on June 26th.

             This massive event attracted Energy Bagua devotees from as far as South Korea, Hong Kong and Indonesia. In all, nearly 3,000 people converged to experience the practice’s amazing power of physical and mental nourishment. Practitioners walked themselves out of selfishness, delusions and attachments, heading toward illumination.

             As thousands of people walked around the trees, one could sense the fusion of Heaven and Earth. The spectacular scene amazed all present.

             The grand finale of the day was a performance by Hong Kong practitioners. Singing “Pearl of the Orient” united the thousands present. Everyone sang and danced to the vitality of life, ending the day on a high note.

             Grandmaster JinBodhi has said, “Energy Bagua is an accumulation of energy within. After a period of meditation through walking, the internalized energy strengthens us, increasing our immunity.”

             Through Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Energy Bagua teachings, many people around the world have been awakened by the energy of life and invigorated by renewed health.



Meditation & Health No 18 - Table of Contents