Meditation & Health #18-Raising Consciousness Through Music


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Raising Consciousness Through Music

                  By Zhu Yu & Erika Han



          Music is a Universal language and a carrier of energy. Since the beginning of time, music has served as a modality of healing. An ancient Greek saying goes,”Men have song as a physician for pain.” Aristotle recognized the innate ability of melodies to overcome “feelings such as pity and fear” and thus “heal and purify the soul.” The ancient Greeks, ancient Egyptians and ancient Australian Aborigines all utilized the power of sound to heal body and mind.


Music as Medicine


          Today, the phenomenal power of music is recognized as having healing effects. Research in the Social Psychological and Personality Science journal showed that music invokes a strong sense of internal energy.

          Music therapy is widely used as an allied health profession to improve people’s physical, emotional, mental, social, cognitive, and spiritual health.

          Different forms of healing music have been used to address depression, exhaustion, anxiety, and many other mental and physical problems. Certain musical compositions have the power to quell chaotic thoughts and even draw the mind into a more awakened state.

          A clinical trial in 12 intensive care units (ICUs) of five hospitals in Minneapolis revealed that patients receiving acute mechanical ventilatory support for respiratory failure experienced relief from pain and reduced anxiety when they listened to an average of 79.8 minutes of music daily.

          In 2014, The British Medical Journal noted that many surgeons play soothing music in the operating room. Eighty percent of operating-room personnel surveyed believed that music enhanced their concentration, reduced anxiety and improved communication with team members, contributing to a higher rate of successful operations.



           Harvard Health reported that music therapy has been shown to help calm patients prior to invasive surgeries, alleviate side effects, and reduce the perception of both acute and chronic pain. The Lancet, a medical journal, published studies from researchers which also showed that music reduced patients’ anxiety, post-operative pain, and usage of medicines.


Health-Giving Music


          Do all genres of music offer physical and mental benefits? The answer is no. Music is a means of catharsis and interactive exchange of emotion. The composer’s emotions are conveyed through their composition, triggering a variety of moods in listeners. A lullaby is comforting and can induce a good night’s sleep, whereas sad love songs may generate feelings of self-pity and despair.

         Japanese researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto has conducted experiments on the effect of music and intention on water crystallization.

         The results showed that the enduring, tranquil classical piece Pastoral Symphony resulted in complete and beautifully formed water crystals. Conversely, heavy metal music produced distorted and fragmented crystals. Water that received people’s blessings yielded crystals of radiant luster; messages of hatred and disgust caused water crystals to appear dim and dispirited. These findings serve as a powerful reminder that we must be discerning about the music we choose, only listening to pieces that inspire, comfort and energize rather than those that evoke frustration, anger or despair.

         Through his many years of research, Sir David R. Hawkins, an internationally renowned psychiatrist, consciousness researcher, and spiritual lecturer found that all things and emotions have inherent energy levels. Anxiety, antagonism, depression, disappointment, hatred, and other destructive states were liable to energy frequency readings of below 200 hertz. However, optimism, empathy, trust, joy, equanimity, awareness, and other creative energies triggered readings of between 200 and 1,000 hertz. When Mother Teresa entered a room, all within her presence felt happy, blessed and fortunate, and the energy frequency reached 700 hertz, one of the highest readings Dr. Hawkins has encountered. His research supports the idea that opting to listen to music that emits high energy levels increases feelings of happiness and peace.



         The Tibetan Buddhist mantra “Om Ah Hum” is thought to spiritually unite Heaven, Earth and humankind, mobilizing all manner of matter and Universal energy to help us attain wisdom. It is also believed that if, while reciting a mantra, one can transmit the sound of the seed syllables from one’s lower abdomen upward into the entire abdominal cavity and chest, the positive effect of the mantra’s energy is magnified.


Uniting Meditation and Music


         Meditation is associated with blessings, bliss, compassion, magnanimity, peace, and enlightenment. Its integration with music amplifies the soothing, healing qualities of sound. Advanced meditation practitioners are able to form intense energy fields through sound emission. Certain musical compositions sung by great meditation masters can transmit good health and beneficial energy to listeners.

         Some meditation music infuses ancient mantras into melody. Some masters use special musical instruments to spellbinding effect. Guiding words may be included in a composition to elevate the listener’s awareness and promote a deep state of relaxation. This genre of invigorating and soothing music is popular in many health clubs, yoga studios and Buddhist centers as a means of channeling positive energy to wellness seekers.

         Grandmaster JinBodhi’s music conveys the all-encompassing energy of compassion: Nature’s Return: Call of the Azure Realm, Nature’s Return: The Healing Heart, and The Celestial Chant all have deeply calming and inspirational effects on listeners. Each composition harmonizes the energy of the Universe with the pulse of life on Earth. Through these powerful aural manifestations of Divine energy, one experiences tranquility and joy, the essential components of good health.

          Positive music can have incredible healing effects on body and mind. Listening to soothing music while in a meditative state can enhance your practice, putting you in touch with the primordial and guiding you deeper into your original compassionate nature. The unification of meditation and music produces bliss, leading us into a vast and tranquil realm whereby our spirit is cleansed, revitalized, and infused with joy and kind intentions.



Meditation & Health No 18 - Table of Contents