Meditation & Health #18-The Motivational Mantra


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The Motivational Mantra

           A Dharma Teaching by Grandmaster JinBodhi

          Invigorate and Revive Your Life



         “Reality is full of trials and tribulations. Whenever you are confronted by challenges,don’t be afraid of the hardships, just tell yourself: What seem to be hardships can be transformed – overcome the adversities by making good use of the obstacles.”

          On the anniversary of the death of Hong Kong movie star Leslie Cheung, many actors, singers and fans turned up for a memorial. The huge crowd was a moving sight. Why did a talented, well-liked person with appealing looks, fame and exceptional wealth choose to commit suicide?

           His manager had previously said that he imagined Leslie Cheung’s last thought was: “I’m exhausted. Now I can sleep soundly.” Perhaps these words give us a glimpse of Cheung’s life before his death, a life without peace. The stress, fear and exhaustion he faced must have been so intense that he saw no hope in life. In his final message, Cheung described his body as feeling light and his soul flying high. Though his words sound poetic, his anguish must have been extreme.


Facing Life with Energy and Courage


            We need a courageous heart with subtle yet diamond-like power to face the pains and torments in life. For self-motivation, I composed “Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Golden Words,” fearlessly declaring, “I am not afraid of suffering! I am the most confident!” Someone commented that these are words for weaklings and fools. He is right. I represent the many in this world who are struggling to withstand setbacks and stress.

            Verbalizing these confidence-boosting words with sincerity could be a turning point in a person’s journey. The self-assurance that arises could develop a new faith in life. If you can think “I can live, I can survive, I am the toughest, I am a warrior,” then you will be able to accept circumstances graciously, continue living well, and support your family with resilience.

            As a man, a father, you are the backbone of the family in the eyes of your children. Your family needs you – death is not an option. Perhaps you are unable to provide your children with luxuries such as sumptuous food, costly clothing, and mansion-style living, but your presence is akin to Heaven for them. It’s their greatest motivational force.

           Mothers too cannot lose hope nor choose death – you are the blood that flows within your children and the Guanyin Bodhisattva in their life. Without your loving care and compassion, your children may give up on life.

          Out of love, parents must face life’s difficulties with resolve and a mighty heart. If you lack the willpower, I invite you to read aloud “Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Golden Words.” I believe that with each recitation, you will not look at death as an escape.



       When I was young, I endured much pain and stress. However, when I immersed myself in the words of the Buddha – “On Heaven and Earth, I am the Supreme One!” – I became fearless, no longer afraid of suffering, and assured myself: I will definitely live well because I’m the best in the world. This is not arrogance, but the endurance and strength to continue living. These words have enabled me and many who were on the margins of life to develop the diamond-like power.

        I invite all who are facing hardships to boldly assert this mantra, “On Heaven and Earth, I am the Supreme One!”

        When this mantra is confidently read aloud, even an unemployed father regains his sense of worth. His troubles diminish through his affirmation, and a new path begins to unfold. This is the mantra of life bestowed upon me by Buddha. Today I gift this to you.


Self-Reflection and Loving Strength


         Reality is full of trials and tribulations. Whenever you are confronted by challenges, don’t be afraid of the hardships, just tell yourself: What seem to be hardships can be transformed  – overcome the adversities by making good use of the obstacles.

         If a business under your management collapses, accept whatever reprimands as a wakeup call prompting you to reflect on your lack of knowledge and skills, and wrong mindsets such as narrow-mindedness. Troubles are in fact mirrors; tough times should spawn self-reflection so we can get to the root cause of problems. To make way for a better future, acknowledge your shortcomings and drive yourself to make improvements. When the next opportunity comes knocking, you will be well-prepared to provide livelihoods for many with a magnanimous heart.



         Frustrations are often self-created and not caused by others. I met a practitioner who came to seek advice after losing his job. I told him to offer incense to the Buddha and reflect on why he had lost his job. After sitting before Buddha for five hours, he told me, “Master, I now understand why I got fired – I talk a lot but don’t take any action. If I were the boss, I would dismiss such a worker too.”

        That’s the right attitude. Losing your job now could prevent you from losing your job again. In fact, you’re not working for your boss, but working for yourself. All the fatigue and stress you’ve endured were borne out of loving responsibility for yourself and your family. With this love and accountability in mind, you will take your tasks seriously.

        My mother was never jobless. She did a labor-intensive job at a construction site transporting building materials. She was exhausted and injured herself at work; eventually, she was dismissed. Once recuperated, she took up another job: She used an old cart to collect recyclable items. Life is a labor of love. She had such love and bore such intense responsibilities that she could not allow herself to be unemployed. We shouldn’t blame others for our challenges. Everything that happens is a reflection of our inner self. 


Mantra of Life


        Only through constant striving to improve yourself, be more responsible, become wiser, develop greater endurance, expand your love, and intensify perseverance, will you become a good parent, son, daughter, employee, employer, artist, and so forth. Encourage and motivate yourself with the mantra of life: “On Heaven and Earth, I am the Supreme One!”  



Meditation & Health No 18 - Table of Contents