Meditation & Health #18-Feng Shui Wisdom:Home Décor for Good Fortune


Meditation & Health No 18 - Table of Contents



Feng Shui Wisdom:Home Décor for Good Fortune

           By Ying Ri & Nary Chea



          Home is a sanctuary where one seeks comfort and relaxation. The interior decoration and design play an important role in a home’s energy field and feng shui, influencing the quality of life inside the home.


Ignite Qi and a Bright Future


           As the center of the house, the living room is where qi resides. Ensuring the living room is brightly lit can enhance its aesthetics and signify a bright future for the home owner, especially in business and career. If there are multiple lights, try using the same type of lamps for a coherent style. Square-shaped lamps, which represent honesty and stability, are suited to the living room.

           For a living room that is more spacious, smart lighting choices can be used for different zones. For instance, try hanging warm-colored lamps to create a cozy atmosphere for the dining area, placing a dimmable floor lamp by the sofa, and installing spotlights or hanging lamps at the doorway to optimize the welcoming warmth.

           The bedroom is a place of warmth and rest, so the lighting should be soft and dimmer than that of the living room. Overly bright or colorful lighting, such as red or flashing lamps, are not appropriate as they overstimulate the senses and create unease. Typically, most master bedrooms have one primary light source with one or two auxiliary lights like wall lights or table lamps. To accentuate the difference, the main light should be bright whereas the supplementary lights should be dim to exude a relaxing and romantic feel. 


Harmonious Beauty in Paintings


            Paintings and calligraphy art reflect the owner’s interests, tastes and cultivation, as well as add to the overall character of the house. Try to select scenic landscape art of auspicious meaning or calligraphy that depicts joy and happiness.

            The Chinese believe that bamboo signifies luck and growth; if hung in the study, a painting of bamboo can increase one’s motivation and drive. Lotus represents harmony and purity, so hanging a lotus-themed landscape painting in the living room has a calming effect, enhancing the positive energy field and thus helping to bring the owner’s career to fruition. Ink landscape paintings can calm and broaden the viewers’ hearts. Paintings or calligraphies by enlightened masters symbolize compassion and broadmindedness, and carry special auspicious energy; whether hung in the living room or study, they will bring good fortune, dispel calamity, and bring immeasurable blessings and wisdom to the occupant.



           Be mindful to coordinate the paintings and calligraphy with the overall decor of the interior for a coherent artistic style. Avoid hanging too many art pieces. Instead, carefully select a few showpieces that have a distinct theme and which best highlight the room’s interior and give the area an aura of elegance.


Mirroring Positive Energy


          Mirrors can be wonderful accents in a home’s decor. For example, when the living room is too long and narrow, mirrors can be placed on the longest walls for a more broader and balanced look.

          Mirrors have always been objects of energy in feng shui. Reflecting images and light, mirrors concentrate the family’s energy field. When there is inadequate lighting in a room, mirrors can direct more light and energy in. However, don’t place mirrors facing the main door, bedroom doors, beds, or on study tables to avoid causing stress.

          Circular mirrors are preferable as they signify completeness, fulfillment and harmony, an auspicious symbol for family relationships. Oval-shaped mirrors or ones without sharp edges are good alternatives. If square mirrors are used, frames can be added to conceal or soften the hard edges.



Energy From Greenery


          Certain plants are not suitable for indoors, such as nerium oleander, evergreen or calla lily, as they secrete poisonous sap that is harmful if accidentally consumed or if it comes in contact with the eyes.

          Fresh green plants such as golden pothos, bamboo palm and philodendron purify the surrounding air, beautify the environment and increase a home’s vigor and vitality.

          Plants require our love and care in order to grow well; if we tend to them with compassion and kindness, they will thrive and exude an exuberant lifeforce. Communicating warmly with plants relaxes one’s body and mind and softens temperament.


Auspicious Ornaments


           Exquisite displays symbolizing auspiciousness, which according to Chinese tradition include animals like the dragon, kirin, tortoise, crane, koi or horse, can bring good fortune, calm one’s mind and inspire self-improvement. Such propitious animal ornaments can also lift the owner’s mood and create a harmonious, balanced atmosphere.

           Select ornaments that hold meaning: Two innocent children could indicate the desire for youthful purity and a glowing-complexioned elderly person could signify the wish for longevity.

           Auspicious objects such as crystals and windmills can also bring positive energy. Avoid displays of swords and daggers or evil beasts, all of which may draw unwanted energy.

          Ancient wisdom tells us: “In unity with Nature, scaling a mountain hones one’s will, viewing the waters broadens one’s mind.” One of the ways of incorporating water into modern homes is to have a fish tank in a brightly lit part of the living room, which is not only pleasing to the eye but also enhances liveliness and luck. Watching the movements of the water and fish is also a good way to relax.


Auspicious Feng Shui Comes From Compassion


          Our inner thoughts and feelings manifest in the physical space; our living environment is a reflection of us. The core of feng shui is positive energy which arises from right thoughts and kind actions. Compassion honors our soul and rids us of negative energy. Maintain a compassionate heart, see the world with love, and treat others kindly to reap the best home feng shui and create an auspicious and happy life.



Meditation & Health No 18 - Table of Contents