Meditation & Health #18-The All-Embracing Alms Bowl


Meditation & Health No 18 - Table of Contents



Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Treasure Cove


The All-Embracing Alms Bowl


         This piece of earthenware, “The All-Embracing Alms Bowl,” is glazed with naturally formed unique patterns which call to mind the ocean, mountains, and the mysteries of the Universe. This modest ancient beauty of primitive simplicity evokes the essence of Mother Nature; its original color of a sunny sky after rain, with the brilliant sky blue as the base, has transformed into earth-toned natural glazes.

          As the old saying goes, “The heart, though small, has the grand capacity of an ocean.” This alms bowl reminds us of that, symbolizing expansiveness and the ability to embrace everything. Formed by the hand of Mother Nature, it is a blessed reminder that the sun shines and the Earth is meant to nourish all life.

         Take a closer look and appreciate this exceptional masterpiece. As its primordial loveliness transports you back to a simpler time, remember to have a humble, magnanimous heart with the depth and breadth to embrace all, an immense capacity like the vastness of the ocean.




Meditation & Health No 18 - Table of Contents