Meditation & Health #18-Persevering With Steely Determination


Meditation & Health No 18 - Table of Contents


Persevering With Steely Determination

           Once there was a young man who wanted to learn from a faraway renowned master, but for a long time he could not make up his mind.
           His father noticed his apprehension and asked, “Why are you hesitating?”
           The young man replied, “I’m afraid I’ll be too far away. If you or Mother fall sick, I will not be able to care for you.”
          Indicating the scene beyond a window, his father said, “Do you see that large bird on that tree? When her baby birds are grown, the mother bird will get them to leave the nest. The mother bird does not worry if her baby birds will look after her. If you leave and realize an achievement, it will be our greatest glory.”

        The young man nodded, but still he felt unsure. He was troubled by the many potential obstacles before him. Thoughts of all the things that could go wrong tormented him. “The journey ahead is long, and I am afraid of danger on the road. What if I meet with bandits on the way, or get cheated?”
      Ever patient, his father said, “Look at the wild geese in the sky, migrating over thousands of miles, soaring among the clouds, and yet never thinking of storms or fearing being shot down by hunters. Time and dreams will not wait. If you worry and refuse to take the step forward, you will never see your future take shape.”
      The young man seemed strengthened in his resolve, but a few doubts lingered. As much as he wanted to take the momentous step out into the wide world, it was impossible for him to completely banish his fears. Softly, he said, “I’m afraid I will be too stupid to learn and will bring shame upon myself.”
      His father further encouraged him. “Look at the turtle in the pond. Compared to many lively and quick animals, turtles seem slow and stupid, but in fact they have the most longevity and wisdom. Once they bite into something, they will never release their grip, getting what they want through wholehearted resolve.”
      The father continued to advise his son. “There are a lot of intelligent people in this world, but not many who can adhere to their goals. Those who succeed in life may not be the fastest or smartest, but they are the most determined. As long as you continue to persevere, there is nothing you can’t learn well.”


           To achieve goals and be successful, you should proceed with steely courage and determination. In the process of realizing your dream, you may meet with various obstacles, but you should not let fear and worry impede you from moving forward.Not giving up, but rather persevering all the way with a resolute grip on your goal, will make your dreams come true.


Meditation & Health No 18 - Table of Contents