Meditation & Health #19-Feng Shui Wisdom Choosing an Ideal Home Location


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Choosing an Ideal Home Location



      A poem by 20th-century Chinese poet Hai Zi describes the beauty of an ideal home: located in a natural environment overlooking the sparkling sea and nourished by fresh air that is warm enough for flowers to bloom in spring.


Ancient Versus Modern

      It is natural to human beings to desire a beautiful and comfortable living environment. The ancient Chinese were guided by the following principle when selecting a location for their home: “surrounded by mountains and water, keeping in the wind and gathering the energy.” Mountains are deemed the skeletal support for Earth while water is the source of life. Being surrounded by both makes a location ideal from the perspective of feng shui. Such a location offers a beneficial magnetic field, is aesthetically pleasing, and provides a psychological boost.
      Unlike in the past, modern residential buildings are densely built or built next to roads and factories. When people are buying a house, they tend to pay attention to its price, quality, aesthetics, and proximity to a transportation system, usually overlooking the feng shui aspects. It is everyone’s wish to have a safe, peaceful residence with nice views. A comfortable and pleasant living environment brings good luck and harmony to the family. By applying the wisdom of feng shui to selecting a positive location for your home, you can increase your chance of happiness.

Next to a Mountain, Surrounded by Water

      The saying goes: “A mountain will bring prosperity to a growing population while streaming water will bring wealth.” In feng shui, a house situated next to a mountain is deemed as being “backed by the mountain,” signifying security and always getting assistance in times of need. Thus, such a location brings prosperity to the home’s occupants.
      A body of water in front of a house indicates the gathering of lifeforce from both Heaven and Earth, which means the generation of good fortune. Fronting a vast open field and being surrounded by mountains on three sides is good for keeping in the wind and storing the energy.

Living in Peace

      A pond, fountain or swimming pool in front of the house helps to draw fortune and bring liveliness and vitality to the occupants. Water nourishes life in a gentle manner. It increases the air’s humidity level and cuts down the positive ions, as well as cleans the air. So living by water and listening to the sound of gently flowing water encourage peace and tranquility.
      For greater energy and prosperity, it is best that the house faces a meandering road with modest vehicular and pedestrian flow. By contrast, a bustling road with constant traffic is like a continuously raging river, which makes it more difficult to accumulate wealth.


Breeze and Sunlight

      In the spirit of “keeping in the wind and storing the energy,” an ideal living environment should have a constant gentle breeze. If you pick a house that is breezy, there will be greater comfort and auspiciousness. If air movement is too slow or the air is stagnant, the environment is more polluted and less conducive to health.
      Adequate sunlight is essential for wellbeing. Sunlight can kill germs and bacteria as well as prevent vitamin D deficiency and osteoporosis, and it makes a home more vibrant, mood lifting, and nourishing. A home that faces south is preferred. Homes that are thus oriented are usually well-lighted and ventilated, as well as comfortable all year round. Even during winter, the sun will shine in, bringing warmth and brightness. In the summer, this orientation will not get harsh sunlight but instead be greeted by a cool and comfortable southeast breeze.

On Higher Ground

      Houses built on flat land are safer and more stable, signifying peace and a steady career for the occupants. However, if the landform is too low, the airflow will be adversely affected and the residence will be more prone to water pooling. Sunlight can be blocked by the surrounding buildings. It is like living in a basin, making one feel stifled and depressed. Such houses tend to be humid to an unhealthy degree.
      There is a proverb that goes: “Nine out of 10 treasure caves are on high ground.” Choosing a house on higher ground will mean a more expansive view and better cross-ventilation. It may also mean an elevated mood and a smooth-sailing career.
      However, avoid homes situated on ground that causes the home to protrude excessively from a line of adjacent buildings, or higher than the rest of the houses. Such a home is too exposed and lacks protection from the elements of rain and wind, which can be damaging to both the structure and its occupants.

Avoid Crossroad Junctions

      If the main door of the house or a window faces a road directly, or the road heads toward the house, there is a “crossroad” junction. Vehicular and pedestrian traffic will generate noise and dust. Avoid such a location, in keeping with the ancient belief that “nine out of 10 road junctions are dangerous.”
      If your house has the front door facing the road, consider placing a Taishan stone at the main door to block the negative energy, or use an eight-trigrams mirror or stone lion. If windows face the road, place plants with pointed leaves such as cactus, sago palm, lucky bamboo, etc., on the outside to help neutralize the unwanted energy.

Counter Inauspicious Energy

      An auspicious living environment is largely dependent on the environment surrounding the dwelling, which has a direct impact on the house. Things around the house emit energy; positive energy will enhance the occupants’ career, health and many other aspects while negative energy will bring harm.

       Avoid being too near to high-voltage cables, electrical substations, TV tower stations, and brightly lighted buildings, as they emit radiation and electromagnetic interference and the bright lights can cause irritation that may lead to insomnia, anxiety, memory loss, low immunity, and other concerns.
      If you’re located near a railway line, highway, airport, or gas station, you’ll be exposed to noise and air pollution. If situated near a hospital, cemetery, slaughterhouse, septic tank, or garbage-collection center, you’ll be impacted by the negative energy flowing from those locations. If the house is located in close proximity to a negative magnetic field, include green leafy plants in front of the house to help buffer the noise and pollution.
      In the interior setting, you may wish to consider having candlelight, which helps to purify the environment, and displaying blessed thangkas, which have a cleansing effect. Mandalas direct away unwanted energy. And positive poetic couplets, calligraphies, or portraits of menshen (door gods) are excellent for providing protection.

Harmony With Self and Nature

      As recorded in Housing for Emperors, a classic collection on feng shui, “A virtuous ground will bring good harvest; an auspicious house will bring prosperity.” The ancient Chinese believed that a person’s magnetic field is greatly influenced by the energy in the surrounding environment, and when humans and Nature are in harmony, there is auspiciousness.

      Choosing a suitable place to live actually hinges on the balance between the two. A comfortable living environment, a happy family, and a healthy mind and body are all expressions of the ultimate state of harmony between humanity and Nature. 

      Communicate with the Universe and Nature with sincere respect. Doing so allows the auspicious energy from the Universe to be channeled to you, dissipating negativity and evil and bringing harmony to the family. Grandmaster JinBodhi said, “An evil thought will become an evil act; a kind heart and positive thoughts will bring kind acts and auspicious energy.” Cultivating a positive magnetic field through kindness will draw auspiciousness, happiness and prosperity to you. Compassionate heart and deeds are the best feng shui for a happy home.


Meditation & Health No 19 - Table of Contents