Meditation & Health #20-Circle of Life


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Circle of Life

      During one of Grandmaster JinBodhi’s teachings, his drawing of a circle inspired many and touched the core of countless. A circle is more than just a shape. It is a symbol of completeness, unity, and nourishment.

      In fact, life is a circle. Nothing can take you out of the days and seasons of the years. When you are going through bad times, have faith that good times are on the way. Likewise, accept that highs do not last forever. There is constant ebb and flow, a continuous cycle.

      The challenging circle of happiness, sadness, good times, and difficult times takes us through life. In “Meditation Journal,” we rejoice in practitioners’ journeys from ill-health and sorrow to renewal and revitalization, journeys which have brought them all the way round to a new beginning.

      The end of one journey is the beginning of the next. Keep your circle positive; keep it expansive like a concentric circle. Grandmaster JinBodhi teaches us to expand our compassion and let it ripple out, as blessings are bestowed on givers.

      As each year passes, Meditation & Health brings readers new columns by which to expand our world, our views and our joys. “Progressive Trends” highlights innovations that are making our world a better place. “Joyful Journeys” brings us the beauty that is found when we travel with an open mind.

      May each step around the circle of your life bring you closer to your highest self.

Caral Goh
Chief Editor



Meditation & Health No 20 - Table of Contents