Meditation & Health #20-Planting a SmartFlower


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Planting a SmartFlower



      In 2016, a “flower in full bloom” got the attention of judges at Germany’s prestigious Red Dot Design Awards. Distinguishing itself among 5,200 entries from more than 50 countries, SmartFlower triumphed as the winner.
      A typical monochromatic solar panel is unappealing and lackluster in appearance. This prompted three friends to create an all-in-one solution using the inspiration of a sunflower. The result includes creative design, easy installation and attractive aesthetics.

Inspiration for a Better World

      SmartFlower’s giant petals automatically unfold its solar panels as soon as the sun rises. It then tracks the course of the sun throughout the day, while maintaining an optimal 90-degree angle against the sun to achieve maximum efficiency. Known as an “intelligent energy” plant, when it detects wind speeds of above 54 kilometers per hour, or rainfall or impending storms, it will automatically close its petals to prevent damage.
      After the sun goes down, the petal-like panels close and stack on top of one another, saving space. In addition, the self-cleaning process kicks in: The bristles beneath each petal facilitate an automatic brushing off of dirt, leaves, snow, sand, or bird droppings every time the flower unfolds.
      Planting this flower provides continuous clean energy every day, from sunrise until sunset. Harnessing 3,400 kWh (kilowatt hour) to 6,200 kWh of energy a year, it is sufficient to fulfill the annual energy needs of an average household.
      A celebration of innovation, this invention is a significant step toward making the world a better place by reducing the carbon footprint, combating climate change, and promoting sustainability.


Meditation & Health No 20 - Table of Contents