Meditation & Health #20-Freedom From Severe Allergies


Meditation & Health No 20 - Table of Contents


Freedom From Severe Allergies


      At the end of 2008, certain foods began to trigger allergy symptoms in me. My itchy skin became painful. It started to swell and crack. When my allergic reactions were most severe, I felt as if I’d been bitten by millions of ants. My sleep quality and memory were affected. I couldn’t focus at work.

Debilitating Allergies, Sleepless Nights

      My doctor diagnosed me as suffering from an immune-system disorder caused by systemic allergies. I had to stay away from all seafood, and cold and spicy foods. Many foods had to be excluded from my diet, including my favorite lychees and longans. My skin couldn’t tolerate cold or hot air, so I had to wrap myself up like a mummy. To compound the problem, I was allergic to pollen as well.
      My work necessitated frequent trips to China. Being exposed to different weather patterns and foods would trigger my allergies. Despite paying attention to my diet during overseas visits, I would have to rush to the hospital for treatment upon returning to Taiwan. I felt helpless.
      During the first few years of my suffering, I relied on Western medicine, consuming and injecting a massive quantity of steroids. Insomnia was a side effect, and on many nights I slept only two or three hours, or not at all. I turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine and although the treatments relieved my symptoms, they could not cure the disorder.

First Steps of Energy Bagua

      At the end of December 2014, I was introduced to Energy Bagua. After a week of practice, my body felt warmer. My palms were warm for the first time in ages. It was an unbelievable feeling. Inspired, I decided to carry on practicing daily. I felt heat release from my palms.
      I stopped taking my medication when I began practicing Energy Bagua. (Editor’s note: Bodhi Meditation does not advocate reduction or discontinuation of medication and treatment without seeking a doctor’s advice). The itching, pain, and swelling of my skin became more intense. I used only a cream to relieve the itching. My goal was to put Energy Bagua to the test. My urine smelled strongly of the medication even though I had ceased taking it. I believed this was a sign of my body expelling the toxins.
      In addition to practicing Energy Bagua, I dedicated myself to half an hour of The Meditation of Greater Illumination daily. By July of 2015, I was experiencing less skin discomfort. In December the same year, allergic reactions were only occurring on my hands and feet, and my skin was no longer sensitive to temperature swings. I experienced an incredible sensation of heat spreading from my abdomen to my limbs. Warmth radiated from my joints and created a tingling sensation. At the same time, I shed excess weight and the medicinal smell of my urine became fainter. My palms and feet emitted warmth and my circulation was good. The itching continued to ease.
      My doctor was amazed by the improvements of my condition and the body’s ability to discharge the accumulated steroids.

New Freedom

      Bodhi Meditation has changed my life. I can sleep well for five to six hours every night, and my hands and feet no longer ache. Even though I still suffer from slight allergic reactions, I believe improvement is on the horizon. Energy Bagua has given me a clear mind by which I can excel at work. I am enjoying a new freedom I never thought possible.


Meditation & Health No 20 - Table of Contents