Meditation & Health #20-Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Treasure Cove Majestic Ancient Chinese Incense Burner


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Majestic Ancient Chinese Incense Burner

      Exquisitely cast as an incense burner in the detailed rendering of a mythical unicorn known as Luduan, this richly coppered treasure is a legacy of the 17-century Qing dynasty. Its appearance is a harmonious fusion of majesty, ferocity and nobility.

      The removable head is the lid. Its round hollowed body, decorated with a delicate cloud design, is the furnace. A bell is suspended from its intricate collar of mane. With the beast’s mouth open enabling egress, incense smoke billows forth, rising toward the sky. Standing foursquare on its powerful claws, baring its teeth and looking fearsome, this unicorn beast emanates an awe-inspiring stately presence.
      According to legend, Luduan is able to travel 18,000 miles in a day and understands many languages, symbolizing the importance of fortitude and strength in the face of the vicissitudes of life.
      Valued as an icon of royal power, Luduan is a Divine symbol radiating righteousness and bringing unity, peace, and providence.

If one wishes to become wealthy,one should first give.
If one wishes to receive,
one should first contribute.
Grandmaster JinBodhi




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Meditation & Health No 20 - Table of Contents