Meditation & Health #20-An Extraordinary Experience in My Ordinary Life


Meditation & Health No 20 - Table of Contents




An Extraordinary Experience

in My Ordinary Life


      My name is Zuo Fan, which means “to be an ordinary person.” That was my father’s wish for me. For over 40 years, my life has indeed been very ordinary, except I struggled with poor health — until the day my life became extraordinary because of meditation.
      Forty-five years ago, I was frequently down with gastritis. A medical examination revealed that I was suffering from chronic gastritis. I was forced to rely on long-term medication. Even though my eating habits improved in recent years, I still of ten suffered from bouts of gastritis, and the pain made me frustrated and anxious.
      During another medical examination, my doctor discovered that I had bone spurs on the sixth cervical vertebrae, and the spurs were pressing on my nerves. I tried acupuncture, massage and other Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies, but they only brought about temporary pain relief. I often experienced dizziness because of the pain and felt unstable when walking.

Turning Point

      The turning point came on September 13, 2016, when I attended the 8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreat on the recommendation of a friend. On the third day, while practicing The Meditation of Purity, I heard a sound coming from my cervical spine, and in that instant, the pain vanished. To my shock, this retreat helped me to recover from more than 30 years of spinal pain.
      I continue with my daily practice of The Meditation of Greater Illumination and The Meditation of Purity. I hardly suffer from gastritis attacks now. My mood has improved, and I feel consistently more positive and upbeat. My success prompted me to introduce Bodhi Meditation to my wife. Feeling blessed, I now volunteer at the center at least twice a week in the hope of helping others.


Meditation & Health No 20 - Table of Contents