Meditation & Health #20-A Retired Principal’s Love for Meditation


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A Retired Principal’s Love for Meditation


      In 2012, I sprained my left ankle while on an overseas trip. Despite the pain I went shopping the following day, which aggravated my injury. Upon returning home, I could hardly walk and my ankle was severely swollen. After seeing a few Traditional Chinese Medicine physicians the pain alleviated, but my left leg still hurt whenever I walked fast. As a result, I always placed my body weight on my right leg.

Painless Steps to Peace

      In November 2015, a friend brought my wife and me to JB Fine Dharma Bodhi Meditation Center, where both of us signed up for the 8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreat. In the past courses that I had attended, I usually felt sleepy two hours after the start of the class. However, during this retreat, I was amazed by my attention span; I felt so energetic the entire day.
      On the fifth day, I noticed that I could walk with big steps and climb and descend stairs without any problem. To confirm that I had completely recovered from my ankle sprain, I tried putting all my body weight on my sprained left leg. I also gave fast walking a try. To my great happiness, I didn’t feel pain.
      I enjoyed listening to Grandmaster JinBodhi’s dharma teachings during the retreat. Master’s voice was rich and powerful. When he spoke about philosophies of life, his expression was warm and sincere, his attitude serious yet humorous. After listening to Master’s compassionate teachings, I changed from being cold, unfriendly and unsympathetic to a more empathetic, outgoing and cheerful person.
      In the past, I often argued with my wife. Neither of us would budge and we refused to talk to each other for days. After meditation, I have become more understanding, and my wife has tried to change herself as well. We have learned to get along and accept each other’s opinions. Our family now lives in harmony.

Regular Meditation Practice

      After the retreat, I converted one of our rooms to a meditation room. Every morning, I pray to Buddha, recite Master’s Golden Words three times, and follow that with practices of The Meditation of Greater Illumination, The Meditation of Purity, and full prostration. I feel myself bursting with energy. A regular practice of meditation brings me great joy and inner freedom.


Meditation & Health No 20 - Table of Contents