Meditation & Health #20-The Fireflies’ Light of Hope


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The Fireflies Light of Hope

      In a village lived a grandfather and his grandson. The grandson had a very impatient personality. His impatience often made him frustrated.
      One evening, Grandpa told the young boy: “It is said that there are many fireflies in the forest. Whoever can find the fireflies will acquire wisdom. Do you want to go and look for them?” The boy nodded excitedly.
      Carrying a torch, he headed into the forest alone. After spending a few hours, he couldn’t find any fireflies. Instead, he was badly bitten by mosquitoes. Disappointed, he returned home. Frustrated and grumpy, the boy said, “Grandpa, there aren’t any fireflies in the forest. Did you lie to me?” Grandpa replied, “No, Grandpa didn’t lie to you, there are many fireflies. If you don’t believe me, I will show you.”
      Together, they walked through the darkness of the forest with a torch guiding their way. There was no sign of fireflies and the boy became irritable once again. At that moment, Grandpa put out the fire on the torch. The boy became anxious: “Grandpa, without the light, how can we find the fireflies?” The grandfather didn’t respond. The sullen boy stood aside quietly.
      Not long after, flickering little spots of light appeared in the bushes. The dark forest slowly brightened. The young boy watched in astonishment before realizing the spots of light were fireflies.
      They sat down, the boy nestling in the arms of his grandpa to enjoy the amazing gift of Nature. He said, “Grandpa, the fireflies are beautiful. Why couldn’t we see them earlier?”
      With patience, his grandfather enlightened him: “In fact, the brightness of the fireflies is always here. When I blew out the flame, you were patient enough to wait and the fireflies became obvious in the dark.”


      The light of the fireflies is akin to hope, turning the darkness of the night into the ray of optimism. When life is plagued with darkness, remain patient and don’t be despondent. Keep a good attitude while waiting. Sometimes, we must go through the worst, and then when the time is right, light will pierce our sorrow and we will break through a seeming impasse.


Meditation & Health No 20 - Table of Contents