Meditation & Health #21- Smile


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       The Buddha,having witnessed the trials and tribulations of life, wears a serene, beautiful smile on his face at all times. A warm smile is the Universal language of compassion.

        A journey of joy and pain, life’s ups and downs are impermanent. The bliss we experience and the agony we suffer are transient. Knowing the sun will rise and shine again increases our fortitude to face the vicissitudes of life. As the world changes, let it not change our inner beauty.

      In this issue, we share the stories of many Parkinson’s disease sufferers who have walked out of darkness, fear and tearful struggles, to a renewed life in which they beam beautiful, kind and compassionate smiles.

      Grandmaster JinBodhi inspires us through his teaching on how meditation practices bring about tranquility, which in turn allows us to tap into our intuition. Calmness often sparks smiles, and smiles are contagious, leading to harmony and peace. The Bhutanese are a testament to happy tranquility our Joyful Journey brings readers to their Heavenly abode, where smiles beckon.

      When happiness fills our heart, there is no place for negativities. Even in a world of materialistic pursuits, we can remain unruffled by seeking balance through an altruistic, minimalist lifestyle.

      The gift of a smile is a valuable asset that takes our minds off our own troubles. The warm glow of your smile can brighten a person’s day. Grace your face with a smile, just as compassion never leaves your heart. 

                                                                                                                               Caral Goh

                                                                                                                             Chief Editor



Meditation & Health No 21 - Table of Contents