Meditation & Health #21- Self-Balancing Motorcycle


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Self-Balancing Motorcycle


        A new frontier has opened for motorcycle enthusiasts, potentially bringing the excitement of the open road to more people. Research has resulted in a motorcycle with the ability to self-balance. This exciting innovation also comes complete with electronic safety features that communicate with road sensors and other vehicles to help riders avoid accidents. It is powered by an electric motor rather than a gasoline engine to be kinder to Mother Nature. Reducing the need for helmets and padded clothing, the self-balancing motorcycle will bring riders to the next level of freedom.


Beyond the Limits


      The active assistance systems, which are the wave of the future, balance the motorcycle while in motion and when stationary, enhancing stability and safety. Novice riders have historically had to worry about their bike tipping over, but this new model takes away the anxiety factor. Shorter riders will find mounting and dismounting the motorcycle easier. Disabled riders, previously limited to trikes and sidecars, get the opportunity to be on a two-wheeler without having to put their feet down at a stop.

       In 2016, German car manufacturer BMW unveiled its sleek, self-balancing, zero-emissions prototype motorcycle. Accompanied by a pair of smart goggles, it provides the rider with all the necessary information, such as speed and cornering, to enhance their riding journey.

       Honda’s prototype uses a system it calls “Honda Riding Assist.” When the rider lets go of the handlebars, control of the front wheel is fully taken over by the inbuilt computer system. It senses lean angles, adjusts the motorcycle’s center of gravity, and remains upright and stable without the use of a kickstand.

      In the future, most vehicles will be autonomous. But as brilliant as these futuristic self-balancing motorcycles are, it will be a long while before mass production becomes a reality. 



Meditation & Health No 21 - Table of Contents