Meditation & Health #21- Bodhi Meditation Day


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Bodhi Meditation Day

        San Francisco Bodhi Meditation Center was established in 2008, followed by Bai Lian Bodhi Meditation Center in Milpitas the following year. Both centers are located in the Silicon Valley area and have benefited thousands of locals over the years.

        A host of courses and activities are routinely organized throughout the year: 8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreats, Bodhi Meditation Chanting Retreats, and Energy Bagua classes. Scheduling varies to accommodate as many people as possible. Energy Bagua classes held outdoors are welcomed by many as great opportunities to connect with Nature, embrace the sunlight, and replenish their energy.



          Bodhi Meditation practices include The Meditation of Greater IlluminationThe Meditation of Purity, and Energy Bagua. Many busy practitioners have seen their state of wellbeing improved through better sleep quality. Chronic sufferers of high blood pressure and high blood sugar have also seen progress in their health. Family harmony has been enhanced through the cultivation of broadmindedness, compassion, and gratitude.


Milpitas City


          In recognition of Bodhi Meditation’s dedication to the community and to encourage more people to learn meditation, the municipal government of Milpitas City designated 
August 3rd Bodhi Meditation Day. This date is also an important day to the entire Bodhi Meditation organization. It commemorates the day that Grandmaster JinBodhi officially commenced his public dharma teaching.

          In 2016 the city’s mayor, Jose Esteves, personally graced the annual occasion, which attracted thousands of people. In his speech, he praised meditation for its great positive effects. Practitioners shared their testimonials of health turnarounds. It was a jubilant celebration of Bodhi Meditation’s impact: It has helped many people to be healthier, physically and emotionally, as well as attain greater happiness and better work-life balance.

         The 2017 Bodhi Meditation Day event was attended by a member of the House of Representatives, Ro Khanna. Recognizing the significant contributions that Bodhi Meditation has made to the community, he expressed hope that its mission of bringing health and happiness to more people can continue to expand.


Silicon Valley


          Silicon Valley’s Bodhi Meditation Day was the first among the Bodhi Meditation network of centers to be formally recognized by a government. This is indicative of the local centers’ rapid development, and the dramatic impact that they have had on the community.

          Silicon Valley is a leading hub of technological innovations and marvels, with many residents working high-stress jobs. The annual Bodhi Meditation Day is an important event in terms of educating the public about the health-promoting and stress-reducing powers of meditation. 



Meditation & Health No 21 - Table of Contents