Meditation & Health #21- Wisdom of a Pure Young Heart


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Wisdom of a Pure Young Heart



             During the Warring States Period of Qin dynasty, there lived a boy by the name of Gan Luo. His grandfather was the prime minister, and thus the family enjoyed high status. Though only 12 years old, Gan Luo had the aura of a sage. He was intelligent, always calm, thoughtful, and modest.

            Gan Luo’s grandfather, however, was a blunt man and often angered the emperor by speaking defiantly in court. The emperor wanted to get rid of him. So he devised a plan. He demanded his prime minister find an egg laid by a rooster. If he couldn’t find one, he would be executed.            

          The condemned man was desperate, unable to sleep as he frantically sought a way to save his life. Gan Luo learned of his grandfather’s crisis. He loved his grandfather dearly and was determined to think of a solution whereby he could save his life.

          Ambling through the family compound, Gan Luo kept his mind composed. He finally came up with a brilliant idea. He ran to his grandfather and told him, “Grandpa, I will appear in your place at court tomorrow. I assure you, everything will be fine.”

          The next day, Gan Luo attended court. “Who are you?” the emperor demanded, staring at him with an imperious gaze. Most people would have been intimidated by the emperor, but Gan Luo calmly replied, “My name is Gan Luo. My grandfather is ill, so I’m here on his behalf.”

           “What illness does your grandfather have?” asked the emperor. Without nervousness or hesitation, Gan Luo announced, “My grandfather is having his confinement rest after giving birth.” The emperor and all the officials in the courthouse burst into laughter.

           “That is impossible! How can a male give birth to a child?” exclaimed the puzzled emperor. Gan Luo looked him in the eye and said, “Same goes for a rooster. You may like to ask if anyone here in the courthouse has seen a rooster lay an egg.” The courthouse was silent.

          The emperor, impressed by the cleverness of the young boy and touched by his love for his grandfather, pardoned Gan Luo’s grandfather and allowed young Gan Luo to attend court as an official. The wisdom of a young boy proved to be the saving grace.


Meditation & Health No 21 - Table of Contents