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The Azure World


            This artwork originated out of an extraordinary encounter. Late one night, I had a premonition. With my camera in tow, I made my way to a peaceful clearing. The sky was aglitter with stars and a big tree’s rustling leaves seemed to be conversing with me. I locked the focus of my camera on the tree. Through the lens, there appeared a small bird flapping its wings and exuding rays of colorful light. However, strangely, the image of the bird did not appear on the actual photograph.

            Using mixed media, I integrated what I witnessed that night into my painting. This piece of art aims to capture that mystical moment and to convey one beautiful intention — that all who have the affinity to see this artwork will let go of weariness, stress and a troubled mind to become pure, intuitive and at ease with the brilliance of the azure world.


Serving as a Guide on Life’s Path

          As each of us go about navigating our path in life, we are given opportunities to help others navigate theirs. Whether we are asked to provide guidance to a family member, friend, colleague, neighbor, or even a stranger, we have the chance to act with compassion and wisdom. The opportunity to act as a kind guide when our path intersects with another’s is a gift which can expand us and leave us deeply enriched.

          Parents are called upon to provide guidance every day. Children and young adults depend upon the role models in their lives to help them build a solid, lasting foundation. Whether one is a parent or not, one can choose to offer a listening ear, a helpful word, a warm embrace, and steadfast support.

          Grandmaster JinBodhi offers his thoughts on being that pillar of support to children and adolescents, and on keeping one’s footing as young people encounter the peaks and valleys of growing up.

         The message to our readers is compassionate thought, word, and deed. Give what you would most like to receive; be what you most wish to encounter.

         Each of us can choose to be a light in the dark, to illuminate the way for family, for friends, for strangers. Life’s path can be rocky and steep; reaching out a steadying hand of encouragement can steady us, too, as we strive ever onward.

                                                                                                                      Jacqueline Sam




Meditation & Health No 22-table of Contents