Meditation & Health #22- Shaping Destiny


Meditation & Health No 22-table of Contents



Shaping Destiny

           The 12-Day Bodhi Meditation International Youth Camp held at Kepong Bodhi Meditation Center, Malaysia, commenced on July 22, 2017. More than 200 participants from Canada, the United States, France, Australia, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Malaysia came together for an exciting journey.


Create a Vision

          The crowd welcomed Grandmaster JinBodhi with thunderous applause. He told his audience that dreams engender power, wisdom and confidence. Master urged the young attendees to deeply ponder their future, create a vision for themselves, and be passionate about pursuing a dream.

      The participants shared their aspirations to be singers, artists, doctors, inventors, directors, entrepreneurs, professors, and more. Master said that when people commit to making a dream a life goal to be attained, blessings and happiness follow. But the goal must be feasible. If it can be achieved through hard work, the ambition will provide boundless energy and motivation.

Golden Words of Aspiration


        “I am most confident!

         I love reading!

         I am most charming!

         I am a gift from the Universe!”

      Every morning, participants recited Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Golden Words loud and clear. Everyone aspired to be a better person with greater determination, to fulfil a more noble aspiration, and to express their love for family and community.

       In the journey toward attaining our dreams, it is important to have a clear and well-defined goal, to be unwavering in our pursuit, and not to give in to temptations and greed. To strengthen their power of concentration, the students practiced full prostration together.

      Through playing games, the students honed their ability to cooperate. They worked together to overcome challenges. In the process, they learned that when one is focused on true passions, every step toward achieving the dream is a joy.

        The path to achieving our dreams will not always be smooth sailing. How do we keep our dreams alive when we encounter problems? We need to believe in our ability to overcome our limitations and accept challenges bravely despite being apprehensive.

Overcoming Obstacles

      To break through their mental and physical barriers, the participants embarked on three days of exciting outdoor activities. Outfitted with safety harnesses and helmets, they followed a mountain trail upstream to a four-story-tall waterfall. Everyone was determined to surmount obstacles and make it to the summit. When they finally reached the top, the entire group cheered.

          The group faced more challenges as they made the descent. Battered by the strong currents, they had to take the path slow and steady. When they were safely down, thunderous claps and joyful cheers resounded through the lush greenery as everyone exchanged congratulations.

          During the water-rafting adventure, all of them had to cooperate to steer the raft. There were many occasions when it overturned upon hitting a rock. Everyone immediately worked in unison and pressed on to right the raft. In the process, they learned to overcome their fears, increase their endurance, put in utmost effort, and to help and encourage one another when confronted with adversities.

Create Destiny

          Grandmaster JinBodhi used a diagram to illustrate that we can create our own future. The diagram consisted of two distinct halves: One described temperaments while the other, behaviors. The part that represented temperaments was further divided into a red segment, which showed worthy traits such as kindness, acceptance and gratitude. In contrast, a blue segment highlighted negative values such as an uncaring nature, meanness and an ungrateful mindset.

       Similarly, the part that represented behaviors on the diagram consisted of red and blue segments. The red portion represented positive behaviors such as endurance, perseverance and generosity. In contrast, the blue part represented complaints, frustration, greed, and other negative actions.



        Each trait and behavior carried a different number, and a forecast of a person’s future could be done after totaling the numbers. Master elaborated that positive thoughts generate optimism, which enhances the realization of our dreams. However, negative thoughts create negative energy, hindering our own growth while causing harm to others.

      The attendees gained a much clearer understanding of the significance behind the affirmations “I create my own happiness” and “I create my future.” A happy destiny depends on a firm positive mindset and healthy behaviors.

       Grandmaster JinBodhi said, “Having a kind heart is the most basic of attributes. Being compassionate will give rise to endurance, gratitude, integrity, generosity, and other benevolent actions. A kind heart and performing good deeds create a successful life.”


Cultivation Starts Now


          Grandmaster JinBodhi has a sincere wish — to do his best to provide educational facilities for the poverty-stricken children of Myanmar. Moved by Master’s benevolent spirit, many retreat participants pledged to set aside a fraction of their pocket money to donate toward the building of a school, while others volunteered to teach the children music, dance and art. Some hoped to contribute to the setting up of a charity medical group.

          In response to the warmth expressed by the attendees, Grandmaster JinBodhi announced the establishment of the Bodhi Meditation Youth Team. The group will facilitate young people being involved in the provision of educational facilities in Myanmar.


The Road Ahead


        The 12-Day Bodhi Meditation International Youth Camp imparted the power of endurance, and more importantly, that compassion is the most vital attribute in the journey of life — it helps in the realization of one’s dreams and brings happiness, empathy and boundless motivation.

           At the close of camp, smiles were everywhere. Participants were full of confidence, hope and positive energy, ready to face the challenges of daily life. They had been imbued with a simple yet powerful truth — that caring for others improves life for everyone, including oneself.



Meditation & Health No 22-table of Contents