Meditation & Health #22- Let Dreams Soar


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Let Dreams Soar

International Youth Camp

           Xu Pei Er, age 19, Malaysia
           Prior to this camp, I didn’t have a direction in my life. The idea of focusing on clear aspirations had never struck me. But through the camp’s inspiring teachings, I came to realize that I want to be an outstanding makeup artist. I was deeply impressed by Master’s lesson on perseverance against all odds. I am now determined to pursue my passion with all my heart and soul.

           Shawn, age 20, Canada

         My dream is to develop a multifunction Artificial Intelligence (AI) program similar to the Watson of IBM (Watson is a question-answering computer system capable of answering questions posed in natural language).

        My biggest takeaway from this camp is I have learned to see things from different perspectives. In the past, it had never crossed my mind to go out of my way to help others. I’d never thought that doing charitable deeds could lead to any good.

       However, after listening to Grandmaster JinBodhi’s dharma teachings, I realized that we need to adopt a broad view of life and our role in it. My dreams are no longer limited to creating an AI program. My focus is now on how this program could improve lives and benefit users and society at large.

        The camp strengthened my determination to make the most of my fleeting life. It is impossible to do everything we want. To enjoy a meaningful and purposeful life, we have to focus on doing our best to realize at least one cherished goal.

          You Ruo, age 23, Malaysia

        In the past I aspired to be a supportive marriage partner and to raise a healthy family. However, Grandmaster JinBodhi taught us to make our dreams expansive. Having dreams which benefit as many people as possible makes life more meaningful. I used to feel very hesitant about following a passion, but now I am convinced that I can contribute to the community in addition to taking care of my family. By thinking more deeply about what I hope to achieve, I believe I will be able to walk a more purposeful journey.



         Wu Ta, age 24, Hong Kong

      I was extremely inspired by Grandmaster JinBodhi. Master touched my heart when he shared with us the future plans and direction of Bodhi Meditation. I experienced a renewed understanding of what being compassionate is all about. After graduating from school, I intend to devote my time and energy to spreading the positivity of Bodhi Meditation to people from all walks of life.

        Li Lei, age 25, Singapore

       I’ve always been full of dreams, including aspiring to be a singer and an entrepreneur. Grandmaster JinBodhi taught me that applying focused energy, whether to career ambitions or relationships, is better than scattering in too many directions. For now, my focus is on singing. From this camping experience, I learned how to overcome my fear of failure and rejection in order to achieve success.

         Shang Xing, age 15, Taiwan

         On the fifth day of the camp, as an experiment, Grandmaster JinBodhi told us that he could make us abandon our dreams by simply saying three sentences. This seemed ridiculous until I witnessed many fellow participants fall into self-doubt. At that instant, I realized how fragile our dreams could be. From this test, we learned that to realize our aspirations, we need to channel our passion into perseverance to stay motivated, and not be easily swayed when others doubt us.

       My dream is to give a solo performance in the world’s best concert hall, and this camp reaffirmed my determination to do so and helped me recommit to putting in the necessary effort.



Meditation & Health No 22-table of Contents