A Blessed Life Health and Family Joy

Meditation & Health No 3 - Table of Contents

A Blessed Life Health and Family Joy

By Annie Zhou

Translation by Shanti

Since being introduced to Bodhi Meditation, I have been blessed with health and joy. Not only has much of my physical pain disappeared, so has the sense of estrangement that once existed between myself and my children.

Over ten years of working in a restaurant had resulted in constant aching in both of my arms. The pain became worse after a bad fall at work in 2007. A few months of intense treatment did little to remedy my condition, and I still couldn’t lift my arms, reach my back, dress myself or even comb my hair. I would experience excruciating pain after the slightest exertion.

Things took a turn for the better after I attended Grandmaster JinBodhi’s “New Year’s Blessing Puja” in 2010. I had been drawn there by a flyer bearing the title “Health and Happiness.” At the Puja, the Master asked us to raise our hands if we were suffering from a headache, a shoulder ache or back pain. I was thrilled by the chance to receive healing from him. Afterward, I was able to lift my arms with ease. What a miracle!

I began to practice Bodhi Meditation diligently in April of 2010. After attending a Meditation and Fitness Retreat in August of that year, I could not only lift my arms but also rotate them freely! With further diligent meditation practice and frequent visits to the Center where instructors conduct healing sessions, I have overcome many illnesses that had plagued me for years. My health and energy level have greatly improved.

In addition to all the health benefits I have received by practicing Bodhi Meditation, I’ve also experienced a miraculous improvement in my relationships with my son and daughter.

When my children were only two and four, I had to leave my first marriage – which meant leaving them also – to come to the United States. They had been estranged from me since then. They rarely called.  When I tried to talk to them over the phone, their attitude was distant. Our estrangement was a deep wound inside my heart over which I have shed many tears over the years. I prayed often that one day, they would let me into their lives, even if just a little bit. After talking to Master Jue-Wu about this matter, I was told that Bodhi Meditation would not only give me back my health, but also benefit me in many other aspects of life including family relationships. Encouraged by her advice, I practiced even more diligently and also started volunteering at the Center.

One day out of the blue in June of 2010, I received a phone call from my ex-husband in which he informed me that my son would be coming to the United States to take the exam required to become an airplane mechanic. He asked if I could take care of him. The three days that my son spent with me are probably the happiest days of my life. I was overjoyed that I could cook meals – including his favorite dumplings – for him again. I couldn’t help smiling when I watched him enjoying my cooking. During that year, my son had the opportunity to visit twice and our relationship drastically improved. He agreed to try to help open the lines of communication between myself and my daughter.

I waited patiently to hear back from her but as the end of the year approached nothing had changed. In December of 2010 I went to the Center yet again to pray. Shortly afterward, I called my daughter and she actually carried on a forty-minute conversation with me! My heart melted when she gently called me “Mom.” I wished I could travel through the telephone line to give her a hug.

I’ve been in close contact with my son and daughter ever since. I’m eternally grateful to Bodhi Meditation for giving me back the most precious gifts in my life – my beloved children.


Meditation & Health No 3 - Table of Contents