Meditation Journal: Miao Yi

  • Miao-yi suffered from severe eczema not long after she was born. Unlike other children, she could not enjoy sugary sweets, especially her favorite donuts. Her mother tried countless methods in vain to heal her eczema. The itches on her limbs were so unbearable that she scratched them into bleeding, which resulted in bruises and scars. To avoid gloated by other children, she had to hide all the red bruises and scars on her limbs by wearing long sleeve blouses… and pants even during hot summer.

    Fortunately, after Miao-yi met and received Grandmaster JinBodhi’s energy healing, she can now enjoy donuts. In addition, her allergies have reduced significantly. Her mother benefited too; after accompanying Miao-yi in meditation practices, she is now relieved of her frequent migraine attacks. Now, both of them volunteer at Bodhi Meditation Center.