Meditation Q & A


What are meditation and self-cultivation?
What scientific research has been done on meditation?
Who can practice self-cultivation?
I am physically healthy and happy with my life. Will meditation be of benefit to me?
My life has been filled with difficulties; will meditation change this?
What is special about Bodhi Meditation?
How can I expect to benefit from Bodhi Meditation?
Can the practice of Bodhi Meditation cause any problems?
How long before results appear?
Can I learn from home?
Are there better times to practice than others?
I work long hours and have no time to practice meditation, what shall I do?
What is the best position for meditation?
What should I do if I experience soreness during meditation?
What is the reason for the sudden pooling of saliva in the mouth during meditation?
Do I need to be a vegetarian in order to self-cultivate?
I am not a Buddhist. Can I still meditate and attend classes?
Is there any Do’s and Don’ts to observe in practicing meditation?