Both Speediness And Slowness Have Merits

  • How can we minimize afflictions?

    Have a compassionate heart, let go. Facing ourselves, our children and things in our life and at work, a rethink is necessary.

    Never Laugh At Stammering People

    In Canada, there was a child. When asked about his name, he would stutter, “m, m, my surname is Li.” This stammering kid, was noticed by a principal of a specialty school who declared he was super smart. If he is smart, then why does he stammer?

    “When you ask him a question, many answers would pop up in his mind, and he wouldn’t know which one to say. That’s why he stammered.”

    Is there such a theory? You wonder. “Yes.” answered the principal. Many people stammer, but they are extremely smart; they are all big shots. So, never make fun of people who stammer.

    There is another type of people who stammer. When asked about their names, “What is m, m, my name? Dad?” Such people may not be very smart; they are just simply slow, that’s all. Once I was telling a joke to some students. At the end of the joke, we roared with laughter. When we stopped laughing and moved on to another topic, one of them suddenly laughed.

    I finished the joke several minutes ago, so I asked, “What are you laughing at?” He said my joke was very funny. “Then why didn’t you laugh when everyone else was laughing?” He said he didn’t get it at the time.

    Each Has Its Own Strength

    When we observe animals, such as a dog chasing a rabbit, we want to know who is faster. Both are very fast. A turtle is slow paced, but it is really steady. Despite its slowness, it has a long life. The turtle just takes its time not caring about others’ speed; I have my own plan. So, both speediness and slowness have their merits. There is shrewdness in speediness and wisdom in slowness.

    Humans are different. People slow in speech and response do not necessarily have low intelligence. Some are quick and others slow. Quick-witted people may not become rich; slow people may not be at a disadvantage.

    Each has its own strength. If one can find his own strength, his right position in life, he’ll have a good life.

    Rethink and Reflect upon: Strength, Position And Compassion

    Facing ourselves, our children, the things in our life and at work, we need to rethink: Find your own strength; find your right position; resolve afflictions through compassion; and rethink your life.