You Are a Gem of This World


The first thought that you have in the morning is crucial. For those who do not have this habit, I would advise you to try this after my lesson today: When you wake up tomorrow morning, think, “Today, I am great”. Affirm yourself: “I am really excellent.” This might feel uncomfortable, as though you have accidentally poked your toothbrush into your nose while trying to brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand! This is just because you are not used to it yet.

Ladies, let me tell you. No matter what you look like, ugly or beautiful, your looks are a gift from your parents. No advanced and developed technology can create another person exactly like you. Therefore, you are a gift, a treasure that God has bestowed upon the world. You are amazing. Believe this: You are an exceptional creation in this world.

Therefore, ladies, encourage yourselves every day: “Today, I am beautiful; I am the most attractive person in this world!” Even though when you look in the mirror, you might feel, “Oh dear, I am not very good-looking actually.” But, just learn to appreciate yourself. This is something you must learn. You must do it with confidence.

Furthermore, it is actually not easy to change our features and our looks. Even if the cosmetic surgeon manages to reduce your wrinkles or make changes to your nose, at the end of the day, you are still you. Your fundamental image cannot be changed. Therefore, it is important to learn to appreciate yourself. At the same time, you must keep this in mind constantly, and keep reminding yourself silently. Going forth with this mentality, you can gradually make small changes to your life and eventually make it more wonderful.

If you look at a successful person, you will realise: A person who is living very happily might not be the world’s most attractive person, and he might not be the richest. Terry Gou’s daily earnings may beat each of our daily earnings; that is beyond us as he is destined to be the God of Wealth. However, you are different as you are destined to be God of Happiness. Everyone has a different destiny and life mission.

I remember that my mother once said, “The number of stars in the sky equals the number of people on Earth.”

I was curious and wondered if that were true. I asked, “What happens then when the stars in the sky twinkle?”

My mum answered, “That means a person has returned to Heaven. And when the star twinkles again, it means the person has returned to Earth again.”

Alas, this is the endless cycle of existence.

Simultaneously, this taught me that humans are not mere common creatures, but are amazing creations from Heaven. Therefore, you must believe that you are a remarkable person, because you are made this way. So, every morning you should wake up with a positive mentality. Specifically, your very first chain of thoughts should be something like this: “Today, I am beautiful. Today, I am joyous. Today, I am full of energy and vitality. Today, I am smarter than I ever was.”

If you are a student, the determining factor of your success is not the marks that the teacher gives you on your paper. What matters most is your confidence; it is indeed your confidence that counts. I hope everyone can remember this.